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Published 10 months ago

Many Filipinos have already heard about Bitcoin, and some have already seen a few who have earned and some who knew people earning from it.

Even though they have heard a lot from it, they got mixed feedbacks or opinions which makes others hesitant to try due to less knowledge on how to profit from it, less enthusiasm from earning low profit from mining and free BTC from sites by doing simple tasks.

You can see a lot of people post on social media, blogs, and other sites but later on gave up due to a complete waste of time and effort due to low earnings per month. This is in consideration that your strategy is full proof but yet still failed.

Where and Why BTCBees?

BTCBees has been started for people to earn Bitcoin in a less hassle kind of way. What you need to do is register an account, log in to your dashboard, deposit your money, and select an investment plan.

That’s it and also;

The investment plan is tailored that whatever investment plan you choose, your money will definitely increase. What you’re going to do is wait and withdraw your money from your desired date/time.

We have a team of experts and professionals who will take care of everything and make sure that no matter how much you have invested, we will surely make it grow.

So.., How to Invest?

For Filipinos who are interested in investing but have no blockchain wallet or wallet for BTC then can be used. is convenient for some people especially to those who just recently learned to earn online. For some who only used their account to pay bills, eload, and send money, be sure to be familiar with BTC or use it to invest.

For those who knew about BTC but are wondering how to increase your money, then invest now.

Check the steps:

Assuming you have registered an account at BTCBees and planning to deposit money

  • Login to your account
  • Click BTC below PHP
  • Click send and enter the details (amount, BTC address given by BTCBees, code). The code can be placed in the description.
  • Once we have verified your deposit, go to your dashboard and click Investment plan.

    After you have decided, Click “Invest Now” button.

    How to Withdraw?

    When you choose to withdraw your money in a months time, then go to “Withdraw Balance.”

    Look below:

  • Select Bitcoin as withdrawal gateway

  • Input your account and amount

  • Click “Withdraw Now” button.”

  • Reminder:

  • BITCOIN will charge you $ 7.00 fixed + 2.50% on every Withdraw.

  • BITCOIN CASH will charge you $ 5.00 fixed + 0.50% on every Withdraw.

  • ETHEREUM will charge you $ 2.00 fixed + 10.00% in every Withdraw.

  • For PayPal, you will receive your money just like shown below without any fees.

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